Jillian Michaels Birthday Giveaway By So Delicious® Dairy Free

Jillin Michaels

For Jillian Michaels birthday, her favorite dairy-free coconut milk beverage, So Delicious, kicked off their 100 Days of Change giveaway last week, and in honor of her birthday (TODAY!), they’re giving away a pretty sweet prize. How sweet exactly? Try a $100 gift certificate to Baking for Good, the online bake sale that donates 15% of every purchase to a charity of your choice. Just check out the So Delicious Facebook page to enter. After all, everyone deserves a sweet treat on their birthday!

So Delicious® Dairy Free introduced the world’s first drinkable coconut beverage in June 2009, and shortlyCoconut Milk thereafter, Jillian discovered it at her local market and became an enthusiastic and loyal consumer.

Jillian Loved the Coconut Milk from the start, it was so delicious. Not only does the beverage give you more energy, it also contains health benefits’ as well. Jillian stated she adds the milk to her tea, granola, smoothies and drinks it just as a treat.

So Delicious® Dairy Free is committed to offering wholesome, great tasting foods to the many individuals who require alternatives and have either eliminated foods from their diet or had to settle for foods that taste inferior. Settling for less than best isn’t an option for Jillian Michaels, and it isn’t an option for So Delicious® Dairy Free. The brand’s heritage is in dairy-free ice cream, so it is no wonder that they deliver on rich, creamy and flavorful alternatives to milk, yogurts, coffee creamers and frozen treats.

I am always excited when I find another great product, which will enable those of us that are watching our daily diets, to enjoy tasty treats without adding extra weight or making you feel guilty.

If you have tried the So Delicious® Dairy Free products, please share your findings about the product with us.