Bill O’Reilly Tells David Letterman About Weight Loss

Bill O’Reilly as we all know is not shy when it comes to bragging about himself, OReilly Billwhile watching The David Letterman Show, with Bill as a guest; I actually thought his bragging was justified.

Before Bill went into the defense of Sarah Palin and his political thoughts, David made a remark about Bill’s weight loss, telling him he was looking great. 

David Letterman

Bill explained he had made some lifestyle changes, such as changing his daily diet and eating habits, he also explained he now has a daily exercise routine.

When David ask him what kind exercise he was doing, Bill explained he can now do 50 pushups without stopping, as well as other forms of exercise.

Bill like so many of us, was starting to be concerned about his weight and what being overweight could mean to his overall health.

I was glad David brought Bill’s weight loss to our attention, due to the fact that millions watch him nightly on The O’Reilly Factor. Bill is an example to everyone showing us, we do not have to be obese before taking control of our weight problems.

If you have a weight loss success story please share it with us, you can be an inspiration to those who are struggling with their weight.